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Timeline for Maribelle. (Non-game related)

Maribelle meets and begins her travels with the Eight Doctor, who inadvertently rescues her from her Plegian captors when he parks in the wrong place.

While gazing at the stars, Maribelle makes the acquaintance of the dashing, mysterious Captain Jack Harkness.

Maribelle scolds Jack for his flirting (a.k.a. his saying hello) to her darling Lissa... but locks them both in an armoire to do so. (C Support conversation for Jack.)

Maribelle teaches Jack the little-known martial art of "parasol fu". (B Support conversation for Jack.)

After being struck by a bizarre spell by one of the Risen, Maribelle's unusual condition is discovered by none other than Jack.

Disaster strikes, and Jack and Maribelle find themselves the sole survivors of a horrific scenario... and in losing nearly everything, they discover something else.

Some time after her engagement to Jack, Maribelle finds herself kidnapped by a rather strange and flippant woman.

The morning after they have been married, Jack and Maribelle share a tender moments. Possibly NSFW.

Somehow or other, a Torchwood AU version of Maribelle, named Maria Belli for distinction, was created.

Shortly after her recruitment, Maria walks in on her boss... surfing his own porn. Of course. (NSFW)

Unable to sleep after.... well, a lot of things, Maria and Tosh find themselves unable to sleep and wind up at the same place - work, of course.

Somehow, Maria winds up stranded outside of her work, without her keys or trousers. Naturally, this is all Jack's fault. Oh, dear. (slightly NSFW)

Tosh and Maria finally manage to find some time to relax together over lunch.

And miscellaneous memes!

Maribelle and Adachi at the Buddy Cop Meme. Slightly Asgard-ish based.
Maribelle and Adachi at the Nonsexual Intimacy meme. Asgard-based.
Maribelle and Adachi at the Winter meme. Asgard-based.
Maribelle and Herodachi at the Reincarnated Lovers meme.
Maribelle and Adachi at the Five Nights at Freddy's meme. SHIT'S GOTTEN REAL.
After Maribelle has seen Adachi's true self, he gets to see hers. It's only fair.
Maribelle and Adachi are forced to confront whatever their relationship has become.
Cuddles! Slightly creepy cuddles.
Adachi and Mari play Cat and Mouse. NSFW.
Adachi tries to run away, and generally acts like a dick.

And that's it for now! More to come as played out.