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Samantha Grey (C) - A member of the medics, skilled in both combat and medicine. Despite her bouts of immaturity and cynicism, she works hard for what she believes in. The one who's the most stubborn.

Yuiko Hawatari (A) - A girl who's younger than she looks, and part of the welcoming committee. Though clumsy and a bit of a doormat, she always has a kind word and a ready smile. The one most adept at killing fish on accident.

Spike (C) - An easygoing, friendly brawler. He runs nightly training sessions in the arena, and is something other than human. While he's often flippant, he possesses a good heart. Possesses the biggest appetite.

Pitch Black (C) - A fear spirit. Prideful and sarcastic, he doesn't tend to show consideration for others, but he's lonelier than he lets on. The one with the worst complexion.

Desmond (C) - A member of the Assassins. While fearsome in battle, he is quite personable outside of it. Befitting his profession, he is highly observant. The one most likely to engage in parkour.

Ellie (B) - Another young girl brought to Asgard in order to fight in the war. Although she's undeniably tough, she has a vulnerable side, and she's lost much. The most creative with puns.

Maglor (C) - An ancient warrior bearing a deep sorrow. Kind and gentle, he nonetheless comes alive in battle. His songs are beloved by the people of Asgard. The most adept at stringing a harp.

Yosuke Hanamura (B) - A member of the Investigations Team. Easily excitable, he tends to read into things more than he should. He enjoys music, and is nearly always listening to it. The one with the worst spelling.

Tohru Adachi (???) (A) - The first person to join Maribelle in her search for Asgard's traitor. Although he appears incompetent, there seems to be more to him than meets the eye. The one most terrified of worms.

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