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Maribelle's arrival in Asgard is punctuated by cat-people, a time traveller, and one very strange little girl.
Deciding to improve her current skills as much as she can, Maribelle agrees to train under Spike.
Maribelle takes Spike up on his offer.
As it turns out, anyone can vanish from Asgard without warning.
Maribelle meets (a version of) the Doctor, and learns of some of the dangers they face.
Maribelle takes a survey! ... Of sorts.
In which Maribelle is a bit of a snob, in case nobody's noticed.
Medic contact post.
Maribelle and Fuuka train.
Maribelle meets Yosuke after the latter has just finished making a doof of himself. Who wants to bet that he'll do so again?
A post by Odin? Shit's gone down.
Maribelle meets Samantha to help with poultices.
Shit has gone down, indeed.
Maribelle picks the actual worst partner.
Maribelle and Kirigiri discuss checks on the investigative group, and Kirigiri starts her investigations with none other than the leader.
Drill time! Maribelle and Yosuke.
Maribelle and Yuiko meet up during the drill.
Maribelle and Desmond speak again, under even worse circumstances than before.
Desmond leaves Maribelle a thank you present.
Maribelle meets Kanji and takes it upon herself to offer him advice. And ass-kicking.
Maribelle and Maglor meet in person, and Maglor helps Maribelle select a weapon.
Maribelle approaches Kirigiri for help in making sure her team stays honest.
Maribelle gathers her team! ... And doesn't know how to pronounce at least one of them.
Clearly, Maribelle has the best taste in teammates.
Preparations for the questioning process begin!
Maribelle approaches Kirigiri for help in making sure her team stays honest.
Maribelle and Yuiko meet again.
Maribelle meets Clementine.
Kanji is tiny! And goes completely unrecognized.

Maribelle goes to see bitty!Kanji... and ends up having a discussion about Adachi.
Maribelle calls a meeting for the interview process.
Maribelle learns of the plans for the ice.
Also, she snarks.
Another Doctor? Oh, dear.
The questioning happens... and doesn't seem to go well.
The traitor is discovered, and Maribelle finds herself conflicted.
Oh, look; more conflict.
Adachi approaches Maribelle with a proposal.
Dragons attack, and Maribelle finds herself stuck with Yosuke.
Then she finds herself stuck with Adachi.
And then people are in trouble, and Maribelle rushes off to help.
Maribelle trains with Adachi.
Maribelle and Yosuke make it official... kind of.
Maribelle - and others - dream.
Maribelle and Yosuke have their date.
Maribelle calls for a ladies' night.
Maribelle trains with Pitch.


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