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IC Information;
Character Name; Maribelle
Canon; Fire Emblem: Awakening http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/Fire_Emblem:_Awakening
Canon Point; Post Chapter 11/pre chapter 12
Age; Unknown in canon; estimated to be in her late teens
House; House of Freya, due to her devotion to her loved ones
Power; Charm (Level 2)


At first glance, Maribelle seems the stereotype of a snobbish noble. She is quick to take offense at perceived rudeness, and her sharp, verbal jabs have driven many a peer away. These traits are certainly not helped by the fact that she often refers to non-nobles as being “lowborn” and “unwashed”, and though she certainly doesn’t mean it to be insulting (and will, in fact, apologize if it’s pointed out to her that she is being so), her privileged background means that she often has trouble understanding the plight of those in different circumstances. She is proud of her noble breeding, as well as her accomplishments, and never hesitates to point out that she is a lady, when need be. She also takes offense if someone confuses her for being less well-off than she actually is, even when she shouldn’t (“Why didn’t you steal from me? Do I look poor to you? DO I?!”).

As aloof as she is, Maribelle is well used to rejection and scorn, especially from strangers. Though she has grown to expect it and even mock it, it hurts her rather deeply when it happens. Perhaps it is for this reason that Maribelle has built a shield around her heart, letting only those who bother pushing past her prickly exterior in. That said, it doesn’t take much for her to show sweetness (albeit sweetness that is laced with plenty of snark) to others, and she is easily able to charm even strangers, when she has a mind to. Maribelle has a loving and loyal heart, and she dearly wishes for everyone to be treated as equals, at least in the eyes of the law. She is undyingly devoted to her friends and comrades, and will not hesitate to sacrifice herself for them, if she deems it necessary. She is also well-meaning in her snobbery, and often takes it upon herself to “better” those she calls friends, whether it be by teaching them how to waltz, telling them about “proper” etiquette, or by making certain they eat right and sleep properly. On the flip side of this, she is happy to learn from those in her social circle, and is quite enthusiastic in doing so - even when (and perhaps especially so) learning skills that are considered outside of her station, such as slang. When she has grown comfortable enough around people, she will make the occasional joke… but this is often told so sincerely that people honestly believe what she is saying, much to her (amused) chagrin.

Maribelle is incredibly brave, unwilling to give in entirely to fear or despair (though she is sometimes tempted to). Of course, if she finds herself outmatched, she will not hesitate to beat a hasty retreat, realizing that she’s made “a horrible mess” of whatever fight she happens to be in. That said, she will fight, with tome, staff, or parasol, until the very moment she realizes she cannot any more. Furthermore, should she find herself by the side of one of her comrades in a fight, she will not leave them, come hell or high water, even if she should lose her life in the process. This applies even to people she does not like, or even despises - all are comrades (although those who have earned her affection are more fervently defended than those who are not), and the battlefield is no place for grudges. When the fight is over, however, Maribelle naturally goes right back to the status quo, affectionately embracing friends and coldly shunning those who have earned her ire.

Although she doesn’t appear to be, Maribelle is fairly religious, praying each morning. She prefers to keep it to herself, unless asked about it, but will gladly pray with those who ask her (respectfully, of course). She is also rather fond of talking to flowers, though she is utterly embarrassed when caught doing so, and can be quite stricken whenever she has noticed one has died.

Last, but certainly not least, Maribelle enjoys the finer things in life. She is fond of teas and beautiful silks, and possesses an impressive variety and knowledge of both. Just because she prefers expensive finery, however, does not mean she is one to reject a heartfelt gift from a friend or loved one. She will generally respond with genuine delight to one, in fact, and even if she doesn’t like it, she will take great care to respond to it with grace and tact - for instance, when given a hideous dress with the best of intentions, she will respond that she is honored at the thought, though she will point out that it doesn’t precisely suit her style.
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